We congratulate our young technician Irina Guseva on a victory in the competition ending "UMNIK-2014" ["CLEVER MAN 2014"], which was organised by Fund of assistance to development of small forms of the enterprises in scientific and technical sphere ("FASIE")!

On Monday 15th September the Scientific Council of MONIKI took place, on which the 5-year report by the head of  laboratory Dr. D.Rogatkin "On scientific, educational and organizational-methodical work of the laboratory of medical physics research for the period 2009-2013" was considered. The work of the laboratory was recognized as satisfactory. The decision to expand the laboratory was advised and adopted. 

From June 2nd to June 6th in Troitsk (Moscow) there took place the next VI Troitsk conference "Medical Physics and Innovations in Medicine" (TCMPH-6). With laboratory participation the 5 reports that made about 2% of all reports presented at conference were submitted.

We won a new grant of the Russian Foundation of Basic Research! The Fund has supported our new project "Scientific and engineering bases of formation of internal model of the world of the service medical robot"

On Thursday February 6 in our laboratory a seminar on Artificial intelligence within our carried-out works on medical robots has been organized. The seminar was held by Ph.D., the vice-president of the Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence, the head of laboratory of robotics in NIU MIEM HSE Valery Karpov. 

On the first of January 2014 our laboratory was 5 years old!  It is not really big age for creation of serious scientific laboratory of world-level from zero, however...

In 2013, three young employees of our laboratory - Ph.D. Dmitry Kulikov, researcher Denis Lapitan and laboratory assistant Aleksey Glazkov - became winners of prizes and winners of some scientific competitions.

In our laboratory an expanded workshop took place on the problem of Laser Doppler Flowmetry (LDF) realized with the use of Russian devices fabricated by SPE "LAZMA" Ltd. In the workshop, besides the staff of our laboratory, representatives of a number of other Russian scientific organizations, in which the scientific LDF-based researches are carried out, took part - A.Tankanag (Institute of Biophysics of Cells), A.Fedorovich (The Russian Cardiological Center, Moscow), V.Aleksandrin (Research Institute of the General Pathology and a Pathophysiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science), etc. The problem of reliability of registration of rhythms of blood microcirculation by the LDF method as well as problems of interpretation of observed experimental data were discussed. Some found mistakes in the design of the devices of "LAKK" series leading to distortion and errors of registration of rhythms in blood microcirculation were presented for broad dispute.

Our project "Haemotest-Micro" carried out together with CCA Istok-EOS under the state contract No. 16.512.11.2003 with the Ministry of Education and Science in 2011-2012 by results of the expert analysis is referred to the category "The best 500"! See materials of the final scientific conference devoted to results of the realization of FTsP - M: MISiS, on September 24-25, 2013, 185p.

The series of new our articles on noninvasive medical spectrophotometry (NMS) was published. And it is not our final publications in this difficult 2013 year... (see details).

In laboratory 14.06.2013 passed the discussion of a topic and time of implementation of the Ph.D. thesis of our junior researcher Denis Lapitan. Staff of laboratory of medical and physics researches, department of functional diagnostics, endoscopic clinics, department of professional pathology and laboratory of experimental methods of physics of the Moscow physics and technology institute (MIPT) took part in the discussion.